Geluk Global Fund Ltd SAC announces the introduction of the Geluk Gold Fund

Geluk Global Fund Ltd SAC is now accepting investors into the Geluk Gold Fund. The Fund will concentrate on investments in gold, precious metals and currencies correlating with gold.

Geluk Global Fund Ltd SAC (Geluk), a global investment fund, announced the introduction of the Geluk Gold Fund to investors, to be managed by Geluk Capital Management Ltd. The Gold Strategy fund launched February 2016 producing a net return of 43.4% as of December 31, 2016.

The Fund will concentrate on investments in gold, precious metals and currencies correlating with gold to deliver an absolute return strategy designed to complement any traditional asset allocation. The Fund intends to deliver capital appreciation in excess of industry standards using a proprietary non-correlated multi-algorithm while maintaining a strict risk management with pre-defined limits and exposures. This strategy has been developed and refined over the past three years.

Gold is one of history’s most recognised and essential metals that have been the foundation of monetary systems for thousands of years. Although today, no country utilises the gold standard, the demand for the product as a substitute to today’s currency has grown in recent years due to the stability of this precious metal.

Geluk Global Fund has one of the leading asset management teams with over 25 years experience currently managing two of the Geluk funds, the Geluk Gold Fund and the Geluk Accelerated Global Macro Fund.

“It’s our philosophy that sets us apart from other funds. While most funds are focused on the manager, our focus is on our investment strategy and risk management.” — says Geluk’s principal, Douglas Fathers.

Geluk Global Fund is a Bahamas recognised investment firm focused on generating a positive absolute return over a 12-month period is all market conditions. Geluk offers investors a suite of funds under one umbrella while providing access to experienced asset managers who have consistently delivered higher than average returns. Our Funds are designed with only one goal: to deliver the most efficient risk reward ratio to our clients.

The Geluk investment team aims to generate above average capital growth by detecting opportunities and market fluctuation. Geluk invests globally, focusing on asset classes with opportunities, including but not limited to currencies, commodities, equities, and fixed income. We may take both long and short positions in each of the asset classes and individual instruments. As a boutique firm, we have the flexibility to shift the allocation across one or more asset classes in markets around the world.

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